About Us

Our Mission

Our SecretaryMinicabs Southgate is a real company with a strong drive to make sure we are giving all the spheres of North London quality service at an affordable price. The Minicabs Southgate office is based in Southgate, North London.

The Core of our work lies in the service rendered to our customers. Here at Minicabs Southgate, we believe that the industry (Minicab/Private hire) can raise its benchmark for what quality service should be, and that’s what we hope to invent with our work.

Our drivers receive qualitative training to ensure that we are at the higher end of the industry, setting ourselves apart.

Our Vision

Our main goal is to present the most efficient, luxurious, comfortable services to our clients at an affordable price almost everyone will be able to afford them. So, whether you have a plane to catch, you need a taxi, going on that holiday trip you’ve always dreamt of, or maybe its just a business trip, we are here to give you that transfer that would leave a long lasting and positive impression on you.

You can contact us via email or by phone if you have any question you’d like to ask concerning our M.O – Mode of Operation.

Bookings: 020 8419 8757